Microsoft Corporation's A+ Certification Training Kit, 2nd edition PDF

By Microsoft Corporation

ISBN-10: 0735611092

ISBN-13: 9780735611092

The A+ Certification application used to be created via a consortium of businesses; together with Microsoft, to outline baseline wisdom and talent degrees for IT execs who help and software program in line with the Intel platform. With this self-paced education package, Microsoft applies its well known, competency-based studying structure to A+ certification try out guidance. Entry-level IT execs, desktop provider technicians, and different laptop technology music scholars can use the package to construct real-world services with platforms and working structures -- as they arrange for the corresponding ability components of the A+ examination.

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Lesson Summary The following points summarize the main elements of this lesson: A bus is the physical means by which data is made to move inside a computer. A bus can take on many different shapes (wires, flat cables, circuit traces), but it is basically a group of parallel wires. [Previous] [Next] Chapter Summary The following points summarize the key concepts in this chapter: Computer Communication Computers communicate using binary language. An A+ technician must be able to convert decimal numbers to binary and binary numbers to decimal.

In the binary system, this sequence of eight zeros represents a single character—the number 0. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 The binary system is one of several numerical systems that can be used for counting. It is similar to the decimal system, which we use to calculate everyday numbers and values. The prefix "dec" in the term "decimal system" comes from the Latin word for ten and denotes a base of ten. That is, the decimal system is based on the ten numbers zero through nine. The binary system has a base of two, the numbers zero and one.

The term “multimedia” (the inclusion of CD-ROM drives, sound cards, speakers, and so forth, as standard equipment on new personal computers) comes into use. 1994 Intel delivers the first 100-MHz processor. COMPAQ Computer Corporation becomes the largest producer of computers. 1995 Windows 95, code-named Chicago, is introduced by Microsoft. It features 32-bit architecture. IBM has now shipped over one million OS/2 Warp software packages. The Internet, having expanded far beyond its beginnings as a network serving government and university institutions, is now in everyday use by the rapidly growing population with access to a modem.

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