New PDF release: A Concise History of Science in India

By D. M. Bose, S.N. Sen, B. V. Subbarayappa

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C. C. C. C. e In his views, the oldest of the Vedas, the lJgveda, could not have been • Winternitz, I, pt. I. p. 208. Deussen, p. J86. b o Winternitz, I, pt. I. p. 22S; Max MUller (I), pp. 23 fr. C. gveda, while Hermann Jacobi b and B. G. C. C. a, Indra and Nasatyau. C. 'e THE VEDANGAS, THE SOTRAS AND THE ORIGIN OF SANSKRIT SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE We now come to another important group of literature, the Vedarigas, which deal separately with six special branches of knowledge, viz. f These branches of study arose within the Vedic schools themselves as a necessary condition for mastering the Vedas.

2; VdJ. , 28 H. 4. d XVI. 5. ~ YP:, XII. 97; Taitt. , II. 2. FiUiozat (2), pp. 121-28 (French version). A SURVEY OF SOURCE MATERIALS 19' attested in both the Atharvaveda and the Yajurveda. a A large number of plant remedies are recommended for curing diseases in the various recensions of the Yajurveda. In this connection important references to plant structures, physiology and classification are also met with in this Salflhita. The Atharvaveda The Atharvaveda comprises 731 hymns and about 6,000 verses grouped under 20 books of which the first eighteen form the Atharvaveda proper and the last two supplementary additions of comparatively recent date.

A texts for the HoUlr and the Udgatar priests. The Vajasaneyins who came later obviously profited by the experience of the older schools and from the beginning separated the Brlihmana from the carefully selected mantras and arranged the whole literature· in a highly systematic manner. 1hitlis are enumerated below: SamhJtd ~vtdo SlJ nJQ veda Sa"mita Schools and recensions Sakala Vaskala Kauthuma 1 BrlIhmtl(Uls Aitareya Kalqftalci or Sallkhayana Rt2n4yanlya J PaJlcavi"ua or Taf){iamoha : Sa(lvimla Jaiminlya Jaiminlya A SURVEY OF SOURCE MATERIALS Sa'l'hill'J Yalurveda Sa"milti Black: Ktilhaka- 21 Brdhmatws Kafha- fragment Kapi~lhala MaitrdyaClI Taitt;rlya White: Vdjasaneyl Atharvaveda Taittirlya Satapalha Gopatha If the Briihma~as, in the course of their theological disputations, sought to throw a great deal of light on the earliest metaphysical and linguistic speculations and indulged in many mythological fabrications around the substance of the hymns and verses of their respective sa1]1hittis, they did not fail to do so with respect to matters scientific.

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A Concise History of Science in India by D. M. Bose, S.N. Sen, B. V. Subbarayappa

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