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Right nasal cavity (Pauchet and Dupret). (b) The inferior surface is related to the levator, expansion o f the levator and the lateral rectus in this order. reach the lacrimal gland. The infraorbital sometimes contributes. (c) The anterior border is related to the septum orbitale. N erv e su p p ly (Fig. 2) (d) The posterior border is related to the orbital fat. (e) The medial extremity is related to the levator palpebrae superioris. Nerve supply consists of two groups of nerves— the afferent or sensory, from the trigeminal, and the efferent or motor, which is contributed by both sympathetic and parasympathetic.

The sympathetic fibres are derived from the postganglionic fibres associated with the internal carotid artery. The fibres then run in the nerve of the pterygoid canal (vidian nerve) which is formed by the junction of the deep petrosal nerve, from the internal carotid plexus, with the greater petrosal nerve, from the facial nerve to the sphenopalatine ganglion, from the latter the nerve fibres reach the lacrimal gland either with the zygomatic nerve or along with the lacrimal artery. The lacrimal artery runs along the lateral orbital wall at the upper margin o f the lateral rectus to Parasympathetic.

K. , New concepts the outer like a net around a balloon and the inner in anatomy and histology o f the cornea, in The fanwise. H. W. ) Butterworths, London, wavy connective tissues become straight. 1965. Dense cross-linking of the large diameter fibrils results in greater tensile strength o f the sclera. The scleral resistance is due to greater surface area of contact with the encircling matrix and greater 6. ANATOMY OF THE amount of interaction with proteoglycans by the SCLERA1”3 small-diameter fibrils3.

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