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If you have a dog, you must brush it, give it the right kind of food, take it out for walks, and see that it has no disease. To do all these things—to have a feeling for people, for animals, for plants, for things—is to care. Caring is really a part of that profound thing called love. It begins with the care of little things. Most of us, as we grow old, have no love at all. We talk about love, about being friendly, kind and gentle, but we have no love, no real affection for people. I do not know if you have noticed that ramshackle bridge across the Varana.

KRISHNAMURTI (K): Let us find out. There is fear in the movement of escape itself, is there not? If I do something of which my neighbours don’t approve, they are going to say that I am a terrible man, and I am afraid of their opinion. But I don’t face the fact that I am afraid—afraid of public opinion, afraid of what people will say; I cover it up, run away from it and, in this very movement away from the fact, there is fear. Let us take my fear of death. Instead of understanding the whole problem, I run away from the fact of death—run away in the sense that I have comforting beliefs.

41 It is good to have imagination. You must have imagination to write a poem, or to paint a picture. Do you ever paint pictures? Does your teacher put a vase or some other object in front of you, and ask you to copy it? Is that what you do? Or do you see, let us say, a leaf in the sunlight, and paint it with all your feeling— which means that you are free to go with the clouds, with the rains, with the storm, with the river? There is beauty in that. S: Why are we never satisfied with what we have?

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