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By Barbie Zelizer

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As a result of its skill to freeze a second in time, the picture is a uniquely strong gadget for ordering and figuring out the realm. but if a picture depicts advanced, ambiguous, or arguable events--terrorist assaults, wars, political assassinations--its skill to steer conception can end up deeply unsettling. Are we actually seeing the realm "as it is" or is the picture a fabrication or projection? How do a photo's content material and shape form a viewer's impressions? What do such photographs give a contribution to ancient reminiscence? 'About to Die' makes a speciality of one emotionally charged classification of stories photograph--depictions of people who're dealing with forthcoming death--as a prism for addressing such important questions. monitoring occasions as wide-ranging because the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, the Holocaust, the Vietnam warfare, and Sept. 11, Barbie Zelizer demonstrates that modes of journalistic depiction and the ability of the picture are vast cultural forces which are nonetheless faraway from understood. via a survey of a century of photojournalism, together with shut research of over sixty images, 'About to Die' presents a framework and vocabulary for realizing the scoop imagery that so profoundly shapes our view of the area.

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9 Although the assassination attempt failed, the photo’s taking was memorable, as Evening World photographer William Warnecke came late to the event and approached the crowd just as the would-be assassin drew his pistol. The resulting image, which appeared the next day in Warnecke’s paper, showed a stunned Gaynor, stiffening with the impact of a gunshot wound to the back of the throat (fig. 3). In the photo, the mayor, portrayed in its center, leaned slightly onto a nearby aide while a second man rushed to help from behind.

6 Tellingly, missing from the drawing was what might have been expected following a shooting: there was no blood, no gore, no damaged flesh anywhere to be seen. Garfield languished in hospital for weeks. The following September, largely due to unhygienic medical practices, infection set in and he died of complications. By then, the drawing of him about to die had predated his death by two months. The assassination of William McKinley was drawn with similar parameters. Attending a reception at the Temple of Music in Buffalo, New York, McKinley was shot in the stomach on September 6, 1901, by a self-proclaimed disciple of Emma Goldman.

Reflecting a budding dissonance with journalism’s graphic depictions, by which the public display of graphic pictures of death was beginning to pale,28 viewers initially charged the photographer with sensationalism, arguing that he had invaded the woman’s privacy. That dissonance only seemed to abide, when, as had been the case with the Winecoff Hotel fire, official response to the photos produced pragmatic effect: within hours of the photos’ display a citywide inspection of all fire escapes was ordered, eventually upgrading existing fire-codes and softening public discord.

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