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By Marshall Clagett

ISBN-10: 0871692325

ISBN-13: 9780871692320

This quantity maintains Marshall Clagett's reviews of a number of the facets of the technology of historical Egypt. the amount supplies a discourse at the nature and accomplishments of Egyptian arithmetic and in addition informs the reader as to how our wisdom of Egyptian arithmetic has grown because the book of the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus towards the top of the nineteenth century. the writer rates and discusses interpretations of such authors as Eisenlohr, Griffith, Hultsch, Peet, Struce, Neugebauer, Chace, Glanville, van der Waerden, Bruins, Gillings, and others. He additionally additionally considers reviews of newer authors resembling Couchoud, Caveing, and Guillemot.

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Ancient Egyptian Science, A Source Book. Volume Three: Ancient Egyptian Mathematics (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society) by Marshall Clagett

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